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5 Augmented Reality Tools To Get You Started With AR

I have been working with Augmented Reality for a few years and love it. It takes the content you are seeing and adds additional context and training on top of what you are viewing. AR has enormous implications for performance support. Check out my article on Learning Solutions Magazine to read...


Using Sketch to Mask Images to Shapes

Over the past couple of years I have really fallen in love with Sketch. It is a design application for the Mac OS. I know, I might have PC users yelling and screaming at me that it is Mac only but hey, I am a Mac fanboy :) One of the coolest features within Sketch is the ability to mask images...


Preventing User From Advancing in Storyline

I have been teaching new instructional designers how to use Storyline for years, whether it be through Udemy or my BYU class. One question that comes up a lot is "How do I keep the learner from advancing until the complete the interaction". You may want the user to jump where they want to go,...


Free xAPI HTML5 Video Player

Wow, it has been a while since I have written a new post. I have been extremely busy. I have rebranded my website to be more focused on the eLearning Industry. I developed two new Pluralsight courses. I developed several other courses on Captivate and Storyline. I have also been speaking at and...


3 Core Building Blocks of Any Development Tool or Framework

Over the course of my career, I have learned a variety of tools. I started out learning Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Studio. I then got into web development and learned Flash, after that, I picked up eLearning tools like Storyline, Captivate and others. I then go into more advanced HTML, CSS,...


Getting Started with HTML

I have been teaching eLearning development for years, and have been doing custom programming for most of those years. I have several courses on web development found on Pluralsight as well. I have yet to post a lot of videos or tutorials on basic HTML development, so I wanted to get started...